Churches are typically centred at the heart of their communities and are seen as spaces of shelter and sanctuary. But they also have a historical relationship of giving. They are firmly entrenched in communities, trusted to act in their best interest, and seen as a benevolent presence.

On top of that, bread can be sustainably plugged into their existing projects – like soup kitchens (soup and freshly-baked bread are a marriage made in heaven!), charity fairs, fêtes, and food parcel handouts. And churches usually have the necessary infrastructure and facilities to enable the installation of a communal oven.

Over 5 000 church entities have already put their hands up in support of the project, with the Reformed Church requesting the installation of an oven on each of their church campuses.

The unveiling of the Reformed Church Daspoort Oven takes place on 7 October 2020 and you can email Ds Stephen de Beer if you want to order bread and email if you need more information about the project or if you want to get involved.

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