In times of crisis, the best people rise – like a good loaf of bread – to the challenge and offer their insight and wisdom in the service of others. Gustav Appelgryn from Concilio Construction was approached to build a demo wood-burning oven for the project.

Dignitaries from Wordspread, Chris van der Schyff, Sunelle van Heerden, Father Chris Townsend from the Catholic Church have all come on board, including Johan Stapelberg, Philip Coetzer, Riaan Venter, and Adriaan Kamper, have all leaned in for the sake of these loaves.

Beyond that, the process of bread-making is a beautifully binding one, bringing people together in a kind of social communion. In our post-pandemic world, where we’ve all been forced to isolate in our homes, and where we have been cut off from any sense of community, the very act of bread-making goes a long way towards reconnecting people, healing the hurt, and bringing us together in shared purpose.

The oven becomes a healing hearth, and transforms hunger and hardship into hope, through a bellyful of bread and through the fellowship of bread-baking.

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