Through research, trial and error, a pre-prepped bread mix was created in 1kg packs – one that could be mixed by hand and baked without electricity. And while there certainly is need for these loaves, there’s no kneading necessary in the process! What results is a beautiful 300g (6 x 300g breads per 1kg packet) Portuguese-style loaf known as a pão, which looks, smells and tastes like a classic artisanal loaf found in the most upmarket food emporiums.

The bread can be baked by novice bakers and donated and distributed to old age homes, orphanages, frail care units, women’s shelters, and homes where there is a need for basic food. The production cost is around R2.80 per loaf, and this was deliberately kept low in order to allow churches and community vendors to make profit off them, yet still enable them to sell the loaves way below market prices.

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