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A purposeful partnership

As South Africa buckles under the weight of a global crisis that has laid waste to lives and livelihoods, as hunger and hardship have haunted this land, something remarkable has happened: people have come together to bake bread. A collective of corporates, churches, communities and concerned individuals have pooled their power in a project that is set to fill bellies and change lives.

It’s because of this visionary focus that MY PRODUCT has been identified by the Crossroads Bread Project as a preferred supplier, and we’ve partnered with them to provide an e-commerce and management solution that plugs in to their program, reaching all their affiliates.

MY PRODUCT will form an integral part of their social development program with the churches and institutions that are central to the project.

As part of a broader poverty-alleviation campaign, they’ve entered into trade and management agreements with these institutions to supply them with a sustainable service and a viable product – to help them build businesses and bring their goods to market. Other than the 5000 churches who have already committed to the two- to three-year rollout, countless other NGOs, children’s homes, old age homes, schools and corporations will come on board.

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